New Interior Designer MaKayla Joins Team

MaKayla Page

We are excited to welcome our newest Interior Designer, MaKayla! She was born and raised in La Grande, a small town in Eastern Oregon. MaKayla became a first-generation college graduate in 2022, receiving BS degrees in Interior Design and Design & Innovation Management from Oregon State University. She has been active with the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) and plans to continue her involvement. MaKayla has an expertise in furniture and how to maximize its benefits for each unique space, with a passion for inclusive and biophilic design. She is a self-identified plant lady who dreams of her future sun room and green house, with two kitty children, Hazel and Wicket. In her spare time, she loves crafting, painting, drawing, or DIYing. Please join us in welcoming MaKayla!

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