Maps Credit Union – Stayton Branch Underway

MAPS Credit Union

Maps Credit Union of Salem plans to open their first branch in Stayton, Oregon in 2017. Carlson Veit Architects is currently in design phase for the 79-year old company’s next location. The new 5,926 square foot one-story building will house a 3,490 square foot Maps Credit Union as well as 2,322 square feet of tenant space. The structure will be built on a large 1.2 acre lot and will include a 26 stall parking lot with a covered drive-thru for the Credit Union. Exterior materials are brick, stone and lap siding with a 5 inch exposure. Completion is expected to be February, 2017.

Maps Credit Union, based in Salem, Oregon offers personal and business banking services including loans, mortgages, insurance, credit cards, and investment services.  Maps believes in lifelong learning and offers frequent educational seminars for members, works one-on-one with members to develop custom solutions and create plans for reaching goals, and published educational newsletters.

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MAPS Credit Union  MAPS Credit Union