Chris Veit Retirement

Chris Veit

Chris Veit retired from Carlson Veit Junge Architects on December 31, 2019 after 31 years with the firm and 42 years in the business of architecture.  After graduation in 1977, Chris’s first employment was at Payne Settecase Smith in Salem for a wage of $3.50 an hour.  During the recession of the 1980’s Chris worked in Anchorage, AK where he completed his internship and became a registered architect.  In 1987 Chris joined Craig Carlson at Saabye Gribskov & Carlson Architects in Salem.  Chris became a shareholder in 1988 and in August of that year the firm name became Carlson Veit Architects.  Mike Junge has since become a principal and the firm has evolved to become Carlson Veit Junge Architects.

Chris’s career comprised of over 1000 projects covering a wide range of building types such as industrial, surgery centers, business centers, multi-family housing, retail, and general problem solving.  Some notable projects would be the OSU Valley Football Center, Salem Keizer School District elementary schools, Croisan Ridge Surgery Center, and the recent Albany Carousel & Museum.

In retirement Chris will continue living in Salem and looks forward to puttering around the house, spending more time with his kids and grandkids, some travel, and some volunteer work.   He would like to thank Craig Carlson, Mike Junge, Jan Shaffer, current and past employees, clients, contractors, and our local building officials, all of whom have been an integral and enjoyable part of his life and career as an architect.

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