Porsche Seattle North

This project featured a uniquely-challenging and sloping site, which ultimately guided the design for a parking deck above the service shop, accomplished by using a post-tensioned concrete slab and beams to span the 75’ space. A three-lane service drive prevents congestion, and service customers are greeted at one of two large reception desks. A large lounge with multiple seating options accompanies a coffee and snack bar. Sales customers approach the building at the corner, entering beneath a façade of curving, arching ACM panels with red LED accents. The interior features a large skylight from the entrance to a 16’ x 9’ video wall, with multiple vehicle display areas flanking the center “Racing Line” Sales offices are enclosed in glass walls and doors, and a large viewing window gives customers visibility into the shop. Porsche Seattle North truly provides a unique customer experience.

Location: Lynnwood, WA

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