Marion County Juvenile Services Building

A new 1 story 20,460 SF building for the Marion County Juvenile Administration Department. The building needed to serve the needs of the staff as well as juveniles coming into the space for various programs. Some of the goals and requirements for the space included; every office needed to have an exterior window, comfortable meeting rooms for juveniles and their families to meet with staff, flexible conference rooms that can double as training rooms, and plenty of opportunities for staff to collaborate. There was a focus on bringing natural daylight into the space, this was achieved by adding clerestories that run down two main tall hallways and having a mix of windows and clerestories on the interior rooms to allow light to filter through. The finishes in the space were selected to create an inviting modern space for youth with the use of bright pops of color on a white and warm grey background. As a way to differentiate the different departments and to serve as way finding, brightly painted arches in different colors were used throughout the building. Marion County Juvenile Service Building was awarded 2nd Place Firm Project in the 2020 AIA Salem People’s Choice Awards.

Location: Salem, Oregon

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